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About Us

Remote work offers many benefits for both employers and employees. However, implementing it isn’t as simple as allowing everybody to work from home.

As an employer or manager, you need the right tools and processes to support everything from remote project management to team communication and culture.

As a remote employee or freelancer, you must understand what is expected of you, how to get your work done, and how to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Our mission at Remote Work Authority is simple—help you craft the best remote and hybrid work experience possible.

Whether you’re a professional looking to optimize their remote work experience, or a founder building a healthy and productive remote culture, we’re here to help.

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Our Editorial Process

First, the entire Remote Work Authority team is dedicated to making our content factually correct, informative, easy to understand, and engaging.

If we don’t hit that basic mark, we have failed you.

Second, our team is 100% remote and has experienced varying remote and hybrid employment opportunities. We practice what we preach – every day.

But we don’t stop there…

• We rely on primary sources and input from remote work experts.

• We fact-check industry & trending news claims and suggestions finding multiple sources to back them up.

• We ensure all information reflects current trends, guidelines, and statistics.

Meet Our Team


Darren Murph offers home office design tips

Darren Murph

VP of Workplace Design & Remote Work

Noted as an “oracle of remote work” by CNBC and featured in The Forbes Future of Work 50, Darren is a recognized visionary in organizational design. Currently, Darren is the VP of Workplace Design & Remote Work at Andela but was previously the Head of Remote at GitLab Inc.


Leland Orfield


Leland is a lifelong sports fan with a newfound passion for pickleball. He’s been writing about the game for nearly a year now and enjoys watching pro pickleball in his free time. Go Milwaukee Mashers!


Jack Fairey


Jack is a writer and keen sports fan based in Berkshire, England.

Editorial Team


Sami Kritz


Determined to simultaneously work and travel, Sami has been working remotely since 2015. She has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of this world but wouldn’t change her experiences for anything. She’s thrilled to see companies offering more remote and hybrid roles and supports anyone who chooses to make the change.


Carol Farrish


Carol is a lifelong writer and marketing specialist who has worked remotely for over 15 years. She started doing administrative projects and customer service work part-time, but became 100% remote when her last brick-and-mortar job ended. Not only has working at home been flexible and interesting, but it has also exposed her to wonderful coworkers.


Adam Howarth


Adam has been crazy about sports since he watched the 1970 Soccer World Cup on a black-and-white television set! Pickleball came onto his radar a few years ago and it has fascinated him ever since.