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Those who don’t like the constraints of a 9-to-5 job or have other obligations like raising kids or caring for an ill family member might want a job where they could work from home and make their own hours. Many remote positions and side hustles offer this flexibility. You could start your own business as well.

Looking for a job where you can make your own hours? Remote workers across numerous industries can benefit from being allowed to work on their own terms when it comes to a preferred location and flexible hours. You can take advantage of this flexibility and make your own hours whether you’re looking for a temporary gig, a part-time job to make extra money, or a stable full-time job.

What are common work-from-home job opportunities where you can set your own hours? What could you start if you wanted to run your own business online? What makes a remote job a good fit? What are some good fits for night owls or stay-at-home moms?

How Can You Benefit From Making Your Own Schedule And Working From Home?

Benefits of working from home on a flexible schedule include:

  • Improved work-life balance and overall job satisfaction
  •  Reduced commute-related stress and costs
  •  Alleviated pressure compared to a traditional, fast-paced office setting
  •  Boosted productivity levels
  •  Being able to take care of other things, such as a minor household chore, getting up from your desk to stretch or have a snack on your own time, or taking a pet on a quick walk
Make your own hours and take time for lunch

How Can I Work From Home And Get Paid?

You can make money at home by landing freelance gigs, a part-time job, or a full-time job at a company offering remote jobs. Moreover, you can look for a side hustle in addition to your office-based full-time job or start your own business. Some lucrative work-at-home businesses where you are completely your own boss include blogging, running an online shop where you sell your own products, and registering a remote consulting/translation company.

What Type Of Job Allows You To Work From Home?

There are two types of flexible work arrangements. If you want to be home-based but sign up for shifts and work outside, look into food delivery jobs, dog walking, or Uber. If you prefer working directly from home, look into roles like:

  • ‚ÄĆAdministrative assistant
  •  Content writer
  •  Customer service representative
  • Graphic designer
  •  ‚ÄĆOnline tutor
  •  Proofreader
  • Social media manager/video creator
  •  Transcriptionist
  •  Virtual assistant
  •  Virtual recruiter
  •  Web developer
Many remote jobs let you make your own hours

Do All Work From Home Jobs Allow You To Make Your Own Hours?

Various employers give remote workers complete control over their work schedule. However, many work-from-home jobs are less flexible than you might need. For instance, if you work remotely for a call center, you will need to be available during the company’s business hours. As a virtual assistant, your client may need you during the day.

If you want a completely flexible job, search engine optimization, transcription, and data entry job opportunities are often trending for remote job seekers. However, if the problem is that you can’t hear on the phone because you have small children at home, you can find many jobs that require no phone work.

What Are The Criteria For a Good Work From Home job With Flexible Hours?

Multiple factors make a work-from-home job good.

Little interaction: Remote working is typically computer-based and requires minimal interaction with others. This is beneficial because it allows the whole team to focus on the work without distractions.

Ability to set your own hours: If you are working around another job, personal disability, small kids, or caregiver responsibilities, the ability to set your own hours is a plus.

Make your own hours when you are working around kids

Frequent, reliable pay: Many of those jobs pay weekly, which is a great advantage for someone in need of quick, legit extra money.

Room to advance: A work-at-home, flexible job should offer financial reliability and growth opportunities to full-timers, part-timers, and independent contractors who want a career as well as an income.

What Can You Do To Work From Home On Your Own Time?

To find your best fit, frequently look for new job postings related to remote work and flexible hours on FlexJobsIndeed, and similar employment websites. Reading various job descriptions, you’ll notice that many entry-level positions don’t require higher education (usually a high school diploma).

Stay-at-home moms need the balance of working on their own time and taking care of their kids, so they often start their own blogs or land tutoring/teaching positionsFreelance writing or editing is also suitable for moms. Some combine being a part-time virtual assistant or sales rep and picking up a side hustle with the rest of their available hours.

Some customer service or call center rep jobs may also be worked at night, depending on your habits and the company’s needs. Jobs in graphic design or engineering may be great fits if you have the skills but need flexibility. Even some remote jobs in the healthcare industry have this flexibility as well. Look into nurse case manager, consultant, or research-related roles.

If you are a digital nomad working abroad, you can make your own hours to get around the time difference or allow time to enjoy the locale or the best wave.

Make your own hours as a digital nomad

Freelancing can also work for night owls and anyone who wants to start earning money on the side. As long as you’re organized and have excellent communication skills, you can land multiple clients and work on a variety of projects whenever you want.

Alexandra S.

Alexandra has started her freelance career in 2014. Over the years, she has worked as a copywriter, transcriptionist, and translator. She is a huge supporter of working remotely, as she is the most productive in her cozy home office. Remote work and setting her own work hours also gives her the best work-life balance.

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